Some advertising campaigns are remembered as pleasant by those browsing the web. Such ads catch the attention of web users and make them interested in purchasing the product right away. Other advertisements are thought of as unprofessional and downright annoying.

This article will examine one of the biggest differences between…

Every brand wants to develop a marketing strategy that engages its target audiences. The reality is that there are no good “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategies.

This article will help you distinguish between customer generations and adjust your marketing efforts to reach everyone you need them to. …

The idea that consumers hate advertising is a myth.

The ads they dislike are the ones that don’t offer anything useful — like trying to sell surfboards to the landlocked. It shouldn’t be this way.

Digital advertising has come a long way: there are now more advertising platforms than ever…

“The more you spend on ads, the better it is for your business.”


The key to success is not the size of your advertising budget, but the way you use it. Optimizing online ads will help you achieve your business goals even if you don’t have a massive budget.

Previously, I talked about the importance of being proactive with your online presence. Тhis article will focus on why personalization is crucial for it.

Technology is making customers more and more impatient. A marketing message has only a few seconds to catch their attention and lead to conversion.

Personalization —…

People talk about your business online even if you aren’t.

You don’t have a social media page? You don’t run Google Ads? You haven’t updated your website for the past 10 years? Doesn’t matter. You still need to control everything linked to your business online.

If you don’t, somebody else…

Olena Bakalo

Digitize. Immediately! Co-founder, CEO Portugal

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